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Makerwork 007

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Hey Makers! πŸ‘‹

Welcome to Digest 007 of the newsletter. Our featured maker, Antonio, started with an idea to build a new year resolutions web app to scratch his own itch. πŸ†

For many of us, nine months spent quarantining at home has completely erased the elaborate routines and habits we had carefully constructed in the pre pandemic. So it’s unsurprising that as we turn to 2021, many people are seeking ways to develop new habits and bring some structure and routine back into their largely confined lives.

A new survey from CIT Bank found that 43 percent of Americans are setting new year resolutions for 2021, compared with 35 percent who did the same for 2020. Resolutions focused on habits such as exercise and self-care are especially popular.

While we all start a new year with good intentions that we’ll reach our goals, however, few of us stick to these resolutions past January. A study by the University of Scranton found that just 40 percent of resolution makers are still keeping their resolutions six months in.

That’s where habit tracking apps want to help you. Unlike logging apps, habit formation apps are a slightly different breed. They’re aspirational. Habit apps are less about distilling your life into a series of data points and more about becoming your ideal self.

A habit tracker can make goals feel more attainable, boosts your confidence, keeps you focused and helps you stay motivated. theLifeBoard app does all these and more by following a simple methodology: plan, execute, analyze, improve, repeat.

After all who can give a better testimonial of theLifeboard app than the author himself. Antonio has been following this methodology for almost four years now with great results. ⭐️

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Maker Focus πŸ†

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Antonio Ufano

Twitter IndieHackers GetMakerLog Blog

Antonio is skilled in nodejs, vuejs, docker, mongodb. πŸ“¦

He is currently learning Typescript. πŸ“š

Product Focus πŸ“¦


The weekly planner that helps you organise your weeks, track your goals and habits, and analyse your progress.


Goals created by users Tasks Habits Weeks tracked
78 531 88 101
Early access users Subscribers
67 119

theLIFEBOARD is a weekly planner that helps you achieve your Goals and create new Habits. Organising your weeks and tracking them is one of the best ways to achieve your Goals and stick to new Habits.

It is currently on early access and is free to use while we finish developing all its features. Once it’s oficially launched, it will require a subscription but we’ll offer early access users a free period and special discount. ✌️


Write once. Deploy everywhere.


Language Stars Forks Issues
Python 2.6k 478 107
Last commit First commit
Mar 08, 2021 Aug 01, 2014

BeeWare allows you to write your apps in Python and release them on iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, Web, and tvOS using rich, native user interfaces. Multiple apps, one codebase, with a fully native user experience on every platform.


Powerful yet simple to use screenshot software. πŸ–₯️ πŸ“Έ


Language Stars Forks Issues
C++, CMake 10.6k 690 240
Last commit First commit
Mar 10, 2021 May 10, 2017

Cut down on time and effort by generating easy to use in-app screenshot for marketing materials, social media posts, illustrations & customizable appearance

Tweet Focus


Education πŸ“š & Resources 🧩

  • Kumiko creator: A Japanese woodcraft inspired generator that turns any image into a pattern - you choose the shapes.

An Interview with Antonio of theLIFEBOARD

Hey Antonio! Let’s start out with your background. πŸ“

I’m a full-stack developer with over 10 years of corporate experience working on a wide variety of projects: from small personal websites to full-fledge web applications or complex projects built with microservices and REST APIs. I quit my job a year ago to focus on building my own products.

What is the purpose of your blog, and what resources do you use to get your ideas, if any? 🧩

I write technical articles mostly about Node.js, Vue.js or deployments to different platforms. In addition, I share milestones of my projects and lessons learned.

What is an opinion you have that most people don’t agree with? βœ’οΈ

Doing the bare minimum just to justify myself that I’ve given it a try, that it’s alright if I haven’t succeeded cause I did my part. Sounds familiar? Do you know what this really means? It means you’re not taking responsibility for your failures nor learning from them nor committing to what you wanted to achieve. It means you’re lying to yourself. Realizing that is not easy and worst still, it sucks.

Why was theLIFEBOARD started and is there a roadmap? 🎯

I created it to scratch my own itch. It’s a weekly planner to help people create new habits and achieve life goals.

It follows a simple methodology:

  • plan: define tasks related to your goals to work on them during the week
  • execute: work on those tasks
  • analyse: at the end of the week, review your progress and analyse your wins and how can you do better
  • improve: learn from your actions, create better routines based on what works for you
  • repeat

I’ve been following this methodoligy for almost four years with great results so I’m sure people will find it helpful.

What is the most challenging problem that’s been solved in theLIFEBOARD so far? 🚧

Definitely marketing/sales. As a technical person I focus too much on building new features, improving performance and things like that instead of trying to find new users or get feedback to decide what to work on next.

What is one feature, which you’re most proud of, that differentiates theLIFEBOARD from other products? πŸ¦„

The weekly review exercise. It allows users to check their habits for the whole week, review all their tasks and ask them specific questions that helps them analyze their progress.

What is one product that you can’t live without that you think others should know about? πŸ’‘


If I gave you $1 million to invest in one thing right now, where would you put it? πŸš€

I’d pay debts from friends and family, then put most of it on considered safe investments like bonds, dividend stocks or index funds. Oh, and some crypto. πŸ€‘

Thank you Antonio.

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